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Corporate Wellness

Health & Wellbeing solutions for better performance and productivity in the workplace.

Genetic not generic

Say goodbye to ineffective, one-size-fits-all solutions for corporate health and wellbeing.

Crisp Nutrition offers corporate wellness packages that do more than just tick the box.

My personalised solutions combine human sciences, quality coaching, and the latest in technology to produce effective changes that will minimise stress in the workplace, and maximise engagement, performance, and productivity.

Does this sound like your business?

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Your company is experiencing poor performance and productivity.

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You've noticed friction in the workplace and a lack of motivation and commitment.

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You have qualified staff but you know they're not reaching their full potential.

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can help

The key to unlocking your company’s potential is recognising the individuality of your employees. No two people are the same, therefore no generic corporate wellness program will produce the results your company needs for success.

Identifying, understanding, and supporting each employee’s uniqueness provides a foundation for improved mental and physical health, and is a springboard for increased productivity and performance in the workplace.



We are all a product of our biology and epigenetics.


How we think and communicate, what motivates and inspires us, and our natural talents and preferences are all the result of our genetic makeup (our biology), and environment and lifestyle choices (epigenetics).

By combining biology and epigenetics with the latest in artificially intelligent technology, doctors, researchers, and technology programmers have developed ShaeWellness - the world’s first epigenetic data-tracking platform for corporate health and wellness programming.


It is a unique health platform that uses over 500 algorithms and 10,000 data points per user to analyse body measurements, and lifestyle and environmental factors.


How it works

By filling out a simple 30-minute health questionnaire, Shae – the user-friendly Smart Health Assistant Experience – immediately provides each staff member with a personalised wellness profile that identifies the individual’s unique health type and wellness status. From this data, Shae offers lifestyle recommendations and preventative health interventions that can be easily implemented at home or at work.

Through the Shae app, your staff will have 24/7 access to information such as:

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Nutrition – specific nutritional needs, meal timing and meal frequency for maximum output.

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Fitness – the most effective exercise activities and optimal time for exercise to balance the individual’s life stressors.

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Social Interactions – strengths and natural aptitudes for improved teamwork and interpersonal relations.

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The Mind – how and where the brain processes information that influences perception and communication styles. 

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The Environment – the optimal office set up to calm the mind and facilitate focus and concentration. 

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Talents – identify and maximise genetic talents and natural strengths to foster confidence and innovation.

Your employees will learn what they need to thrive in their workplace, and they'll receive the support they need to make positive changes in their health and lifestyle choices.

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How this benefits the employer

Not only do I support your employees individually through ShaeWellness, I also support the employer by offering Leadership Intensives tailored to your specific workplace. These workshops will equip your leaders and managers with the skills they need to support their teams on their health and wellness journey.  

We offer a variety of workshops and training modules that will teach you how to:

  • Build on your employees' natural talents and innate strengths.

  • Understand their social and environmental needs.

  • Capitalise on productivity by scheduling work in line with your employees’ optimal working hours.

  • Learn the methods of communication, recognition, and reward that will inspire and motivate.


By learning how to support the individuality of your employees, you will play an important part in building a cohesive, innovative, and productive work environment.

personalised health coaching

I’m Emma Harvey, the founder of Crisp Nutrition. I’m your approved provider and a fully qualified health and epigenetics coach. Because I understand that every person is unique, I offer a range of coaching options to suit you and your employees.

  • Face to face coaching

  • Individual or group coaching

  • Workshops

  • Specific training modules

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